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Koi Clubs USA - Koi Club Locator - Water Garden Societies

Koi Clubs USA - Koi Club Locator - Water Garden Societies

We are the first member-maintained Koi Club Website.  Each club keeps their information up to date.

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Koi Clubs USA - Koi Club Locator, dedicated to the Koi Pond and Water Garden hobbyist.  Our goal is to help you locate resources for the enjoyment of the Koi and Ponding hobby.

We invite Koi Clubs and Water Garden Societies to add their information, and we will even provide you with your own space for a mini website right here at Koi Clubs USA.

We feature useful Koi and Pond information, along with helpful calculators to aid you in your projects, and even your pond maintenance.

Our information sections will continue to grow on a regular basis through our network of guest writers who have graciously offered to add their knowledge and time to the task of providing you the hobbyist with a simple one-stop pond and Water Garden reference center.

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Let's have a litttle fun.  Pick one of the cards.  Memorize it. 

Make sure you remember your card. 

When you have it memorized, click on the Magic Koi, and the Magic Koi will remove your card.

Our thanks go to Ben Plonski of Laguna Koi for sending us this one.

Pond and Water Garden Tip of the Day - Free Website ContentWe'd like to give a little something back.  We now offer Fresh Daily Content for your Koi and Water Garden website.  Helpful tips that are updated automatically every day.  Best of all it's absolutely FREE!  (You can see a sample near the top-right of this page.)

At Koi Clubs USA - Koi Club Locator, our reward is growing your passion for Koi and seeing every visitor to our site enjoy the complete satisfaction that comes with successful Koi keeping.

As an additional benefit, Koi Clubs USA - Koi Club Locator will also provide links to Professional Dealers, Breeders and Pond Service Companies. 

Try not to get "hooked"!

Feeding Koi can be great fun, enjoy feeding our Koi by clicking your mouse into the "pond" and watch them go...

Remember to only feed them as much as they will eat in 5 minutes.

Water Gardens

Water gardens, also known as aquatic gardens, backyard ponds and garden ponds, have become popular in recent years.

Water Garden with WaterfallUsually referring to a man-made feature, these gardens typically combine a pool with aquatic plants and often ornamental fish. Fixed items such as rocks, fountains, statuary, waterfalls and watercourses can be combined with the pool to add visual interest and integration with the local landscape and environment.

There is a real need for new hobbyists to learn how to keep Koi successfully, learn where to find quality Koi and the materials needed to maintain them.

At Koi Clubs USA we have access to hundreds of qualified people who possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Usually this experience has often been hard-won through trial and error.

So why should you join a Koi Club?

  • They would like to help the newcomer.
  • Joining a Koi Club can Save Time & Money
  • You can learn through the mistakes of others on poor pond design, useless filters and wasted products.
  • Koi Clubs have a network of people that you can ask questions about your fish or pond!
  • It doesn't matter if you have a small pond or a large one, the problems are the same.
  • Joining a Koi Club is the best way to get a good head-start on your Koi Pond or Water Garden.
  • 3D Koi Pond Put a beautiful 3D koi pond on your PC! Free demo.

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