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Garden Bridges - Koi Clubs USA

Garden BridgesMade by "Old World Craftsmen" 100% Redwood.
All galvanized fittings, easy assembly, custom sizes.

These bridges are fish safe, No pressure treated wood . Great for Koi Ponds.

Redwood Garden Bridges from California

Custom built for your pond, Creek, or Yard. Top Quality and workmanship. All sizes built just for your needs.

Custom Sizes available from 4 feet to 40 feet. Check our Quality and PRICES!

We Pre-assemble each and every bridge we build to insure it will go together properly when it arrives at your location.

Our Redwood Garden Bridge sizes are quoted as span-size. Actual end-to-end lengths of each bridge will span the gap. For example a 6 foot bridge actually covers a 6 foot span.

All of our Redwood Garden Bridges are shipped with a beautiful sanded natural redwood finish that will age with time. You can seal and protect the redwood with a sealer at any time to retain the redness and longevity of beauty.

All Redwood Garden Bridges are very structurally sound, crafted with over 25 years of carpentry experience.

We are pleased to introduce our own designed bridges ,hand made with hand selected California redwood. Will custom build to your needs just for you to fit your pond, creek, stream, river, any size from 4 foot to 40 feet.

We offer several different styles to choose from please look at them and decide which would look best in your yard, ones with ropes, rails one or two ,or no posts at all.

Download your very own Koi pond