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Water Garden Plants Hardy Marginals

FLOATING TROPICAL PLANTS: Floating plants are simply plants that free-float and do not need to be anchored in a pot. It doesn't get much easier than that. Floaters are generally very prolific.

Aquatic Mint

Aquatic MintAquatic Mint

Lush edge cover. Mint fragrance.

Arrow Arum

Arrow ArumArrow Arum

Dark green arrow-shaped foliage.

Arrowhead, Double Flowering

Arrowhead, Double FloweringArrowhead, Double Flowering

Big, beautiful double white flowers on long stems. Narrow arrowhead foliage.

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal FlowerCardinal Flower

Gorgeous, slender plant with crimson flower spikes.



Long slender grass-like foliage with brown catkin. Good for background.



Multi-colored foliage of white, green, red and maroon and tiny white flowers. Low growing.

Creeping Jenny, Golden

Creeping Jenny, GoldenCreeping Jenny, Golden

Yellowish green foliage with occasional bright yellow flowers. Low growing.

Dwarf Variegated Sweetflag

Dwarf Variegated SweetflagDwarf Variegated Sweetflag

Grows in tufts of green and white variegated ‘grass-like’ leaves. Low grower. This aquatic plant is also known as acorus gramineus variegatus.

Golden Club

Golden ClubGolden Club

‘Golden Spike’ flower with large blue-green leathery leaves. Low grower.

Iris Black Gamecock

Iris Black GamecockIris Black Gamecock

Striking purple, almost black. Louisiana Iris. A striking addition to any water garden.

Iris Dixie Deb

Iris Dixie DebIris Dixie Deb

Yellow flowering Louisiana Iris.

Iris Her Highness

Iris Her HighnessIris Her Highness

Graceful, narrow foliage and beautiful white blossoms. Louisiana Iris.

Iris Japanese Variegated

Iris Japanese VariegatedIris Japanese Variegated

Green and white variegated sword-like foliage with outstanding purple flowers.

Iris Professor Claude

Iris Professor ClaudeIris Professor Claude

Beautiful Louisiana Iris with red- violet flowers

Iris Pseudacorus

Iris PseudacorusIris Pseudacorus

Bright yellow blossoms, sword-like leaves. Large clumps. Excellent Iris, easy to grow. This aquatic plant is also known as the yellow flag iris.

Lizard?s Tail

Lizard?s TailLizard’s Tail

Triangular foliage with unique narrow white spike blooms that resemble a lizard’s tail.







Bluish-green grass-like foliage. Very graceful.

Sweetflag, Variegated

Sweetflag, VariegatedSweetflag, Variegated

Long linear green and white variegated leaves. Grows in clumps. This aquatic plant is also known as acorus calamus variegatus

Thalia Dealbata

Thalia DealbataThalia Dealbata

Tall, broad-leaf background plant with purple flowers above graceful stems. Add this one to your water garden for purple color in July, August and September

Water Celery, Variegated

Water Celery, VariegatedWater Celery, Variegated

Compact leaves similar to those found on celery stalks, beautifully variegated with pink, white and green. Will form mats making a nice ground cover or it will float on the surface as an excellent water filter. White flowers.

Zebra Rush

Zebra RushZebra Rush

Segmented stalks with a horizontal green and white variegation. Ideal for background.