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Water Garden Plants Tropical Lillies (Night)

FLOATING TROPICAL PLANTS: Floating plants are simply plants that free-float and do not need to be anchored in a pot. It doesn't get much easier than that. Floaters are generally very prolific.

Nymphaea Antares

Nymphaea AntaresNymphaea Antares

Free flowering. Spectacular large red-magenta blooms. Flower shape is cup-like. Dark bronze leaves. Pungent fragrance.

Nymphaea Jennifer Rebecca

Nymphaea Jennifer RebeccaNymphaea Jennifer Rebecca

Deep red flowers and very fragrant. Large reddish brown leaves with wavy edges.

Nymphaea Mrs. Emily G. Hutchins

Nymphaea Mrs. Emily G. HutchinsNymphaea Mrs. Emily G. Hutchins

Very free flowering. Large, dark pink, cup-shaped flowers with bronzy green foliage. Slight fragrance.

Nymphaea Mrs. George C. Hitchcock

Nymphaea Mrs. George C. HitchcockNymphaea Mrs. George C. Hitchcock

Large light to medium pink flowers. Leaves are bronzy with some purple blotches. Fragrant. Excellent bloomer.

Nymphaea Red Cup

Nymphaea Red CupNymphaea Red Cup

Free Flowering. Large, red, cup-shaped flowers and large bronze foliage. Heavy bloomer.

Nymphaea Red Flare

Nymphaea Red FlareNymphaea Red Flare

Magnificent, beautiful red flowers. Flower shape is large, round and flat. Very free flowering. Huge reddish bronze leaves with a few small purple blotches. Wonderful fragrance. Excellent bloomer.

Nymphaea Sir Galahad

Nymphaea Sir GalahadNymphaea Sir Galahad

Free flowering. Icy-white round, flat flowers with yellow stamens. Huge scalloped bright green leaves. Strong fragrance.

Nymphaea Texas Shell Pink

Nymphaea Texas Shell PinkNymphaea Texas Shell Pink

Light pink blossoms that open flat. Deep green foliage. Cinnamon like fragrance. Great bloomer.

Nymphaea Trudy Slocum

Nymphaea Trudy SlocumNymphaea Trudy Slocum

Large white flowers are held high above shiny green pads. Very fragrant. Very free flowering.

Nymphaea Wood's White Knight

Nymphaea Wood's White KnightNymphaea Wood's White Knight

Peony-style large creamy white double flowers. Emerald green foliage. Very fragrant. Very free flowering.