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Water Garden Plants Tropical Lillies (Day)

FLOATING TROPICAL PLANTS: Floating plants are simply plants that free-float and do not need to be anchored in a pot. It doesn't get much easier than that. Floaters are generally very prolific.

Nymphaea August Koch

Nymphaea August KochNymphaea August Koch

Rich blue cup-shaped blossoms. Large green leathery leaves. Very nice fragrance. Compact grower.

Nymphaea Bagdad

Nymphaea BagdadNymphaea Bagdad

Light blue blooms. Flower shape is full star. Green leaves with specks on new foliage. Very sweet fragrance

Nymphaea Blue Capensis

Nymphaea Blue CapensisNymphaea Blue Capensis

Impressive rich blue flowers. Large green leathery foliage.

Nymphaea Charles Thomas

Nymphaea Charles ThomasNymphaea Charles Thomas

Abundant star-shaped periwinkle flowers. Heavily mottled green foliage. Long blooming season. Very pleasant fragrance.

Nymphaea Colorata

Nymphaea ColorataNymphaea Colorata

Abundant deep blue flowers. Green leaves with waxy edges.

Nymphaea Dauben

Nymphaea DaubenNymphaea Dauben

Many pale blue small flowers. Small speckled green foliage. Very highly scented. Tolerates partial shade.

Nymphaea Director George T. Moore

Nymphaea Director George T. MooreNymphaea Director George T. Moore

Deep violet - blue blooms Many small green pads flecked with purple. Delightful fragrance.

Nymphaea Hillary

Nymphaea HillaryNymphaea Hillary

Lovely pale lavender flowers. Solid green foliage. Tolerates partial shade.

Nymphaea Islamorada

Nymphaea IslamoradaNymphaea Islamorada

A breakthrough in water lily development. This lily has unique purple flowers speckled with white, giving each petal a polk-a-dot appearance

Nymphaea Jack Wood

Nymphaea Jack WoodNymphaea Jack Wood

Raspberry red flowers and round green leaves. Good bloomer and very fragrant.

Nymphaea Josephine

Nymphaea JosephineNymphaea Josephine

Lovely white cup-shaped blossoms and solid green leaves. A great bloomer.

Nymphaea Marian Strawn

Nymphaea Marian StrawnNymphaea Marian Strawn

Large starlike white blooms held high above the water. Large dark green foliage with specks on the new leaves. Lovely fragrance. Tolerates partial shade.

Nymphaea Panama Pacific

Nymphaea Panama PacificNymphaea Panama Pacific

Rich violet - purple flowers. Very sweet fragrance. Tolerates partial shade.

Nymphaea Pink Capensis

Nymphaea Pink CapensisNymphaea Pink Capensis

Pretty pink flowers. Large leathery green foliage. Excellent bloomer.

Nymphaea Queen of Siam

Nymphaea Queen of SiamNymphaea Queen of Siam

Lovely deep pink blossoms and highly mottled foliage.

Nymphaea Red Beauty

Nymphaea Red BeautyNymphaea Red Beauty

Striking cup-shaped flowers of magenta red. Green foliage with a few purple blotches. Delightful fragrance.

Nymphaea Red Beauty

Nymphaea Red BeautyNymphaea Red Beauty

Striking cup-shaped flowers of magenta red. Green foliage with a few purple blotches. Delightful fragrance.

Nymphaea St. Louis Gold

Nymphaea St. Louis GoldNymphaea St. Louis Gold

Medium size deep yellow star - shape flowers. Olive green foliage with small purple blotches, new leaves bronzy. Slightly sweet fragrance. Good bloomer. Tolerates partial shade.

Nymphaea Tina

Nymphaea TinaNymphaea Tina

Pretty deep violet - blue flowers. Bronzy foliage turns light green as it matures. Very adaptable to any size pond. Very nice fragrance.

Nymphaea Trail Blazer

Nymphaea Trail BlazerNymphaea Trail Blazer

Large, bright yellow blossoms. Flower shape is cup-like. Foliage is light green.

Nymphaea White Delight

Nymphaea White DelightNymphaea White Delight

Large creamy white blossoms. Heavily mottled green foliage. Very pronounced fragrance.

Nymphaea Yellow Dazzler

Nymphaea Yellow DazzlerNymphaea Yellow Dazzler

Large lemon - yellow flowers. Rich green foliage. Pleasant fragrance. Remains open until dusk.

Shirley Byrne

Shirley ByrneShirley Byrne