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Build Your Own Koi Pond Preformed Ponds

Your very own backyard water garden

Preformed ponds and pond liners for your backyard water garden

So you’ve made the wise decision in choosing to add a water feature to your backyard, now you may be wondering where do I go from here? One of the most crucial decisions to be made is deciding what kind of pond construction you are going to pursue, there are basically two main types of garden ponds: preformed ponds and pond liners. Both pond types have different advantages as well as different construction techniques.

Preformed ponds

Preformed pondsTypically, preformed ponds are manufactured in two unique designs. The first, being a preformed shell that has a static shape and dimensions. The second, being a preformed folding pond, which is ideal for shipment and storage. Once installed both of these ponds look and feel essentially the same. The difference being, folding ponds can be transported in a substantially smaller box, which means pickup is an option, and shipping costs can be lower.

Both ponds are extremely durable and can withstand a temperature range from 0 F to 105 F. They also both feature an innovative design concept which incorporates textured ridges along the walls of the ponds. These ridges provide an area where beneficial bacteria can thrive and form growth colonies. This bacterium is essential for the natural balance of your ponds eco-system, and drastically reduces increased algae growth.

Pond liners 

Pond liners Pond liners, liner ponds, liner kits, basically all encompass the same thing – a pond with a liner base. Liner ponds can be more difficult during the construction stage than a preformed pond tends to be. The interior workings of all ponds such as pond pumps and pond filters remain consistent throughout, where as, the actual installation of these ponds varies drastically. Every liner ponds shape tends to be different, due in part, to the fact that pond liners allow greater creative control on shape and size.

Care and caution should be taken when constructing this type of water garden, to ensure excessive wrinkling of the liner itself is held to a minimum, and the specific depths that are required for fish and plants are maintained. For example, in a preformed pond the shelves for plants and wildlife are molded for you, in a liner kit, the shelves have to be excavated as such so that the liner itself forms to the shape. Liners ponds are ideal for larger construction projects such as: golf courses, housing developments, and shopping malls.

Before making your final decision regarding pond type, compare the two main kinds, estimate total cost, time, labor, yard size, and creativity needed. Finally, weigh the options and decide what the best fit is for you.

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