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Build Your Own Koi Pond Koi Pond Design

Koi Pond Design

Koi pond design requires aesthetic, construction, and water treatment designs that work together to give the desired result. The pond size needs to meet the owner's requirements for the number of koi to be kept in the pond, as well as the overall budget available for the pond.

Aesthetic considerations for koi pond design should take your home and surroundings into account. There are many different types of construction that you can consider for example Japanese style ponds. Other Koi Ponds are made of poured concrete, sprayed gunite, natural boulders, man-made boulders, natural clay, or liners. There are also a variety of pre-formed ponds available made from plastic or fiberglass

Your water treatment system is also very important in koi pond design. You can choose from a water pump that is submergible or external, mechanical filters, settling tanks, sand filters, glass bead filters, fiber mat, or bio-tube filters.

The lighting system is also important in koi pond design and you can choose from submergible lighting or external lighting depending on the effect you want to create. You may also need to invest in a good heating system if you live in areas where the water freezes.

Koi pond design is about more than just the technical components that keep your fish healthy. If keeping koi is something you enjoy why not go one step further? You can really express your creativity around your ornamental fish pond. A creative pond design is the perfect way to create a beautiful 'fishscape' and add a little something special to your home.

There are many ways to make your koi pond different and exciting. Probably the most common addition to a koi pond design is a waterfall or fountain. This will give your pond a tropical and exotic feel as well as provide additional oxygen for your fish.

One innovative idea is to add bridges over narrower parts of the pond so that they can watch their Koi close up. These are just a few examples of you might accent your koi pond design.

Embellishing your koi pond is also a great way to incorporate your other hobbies with keeping koi. For example, you can try adding sculptures to the area surrounding the pond or plant flowers nearby to help bring out the color of the fish. Coming up with the perfect koi pond design is a limitless opportunity that can take months or even years to complete.

Instead of having a simple pond why not create your own masterpiece to enjoy and add to over time. Experimenting with your koi pond design is fun and makes a great addition to an already great hobby.